10 September 2019

Top 3 Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your House

Thanks to our air conditioners, we can get rid of the heat outside. However, the cool breeze does not justify your air quality. Let’s find out how to improve the air quality in your room!

In Indonesia, we do most of our activities in air-conditioned room. Our body pretty much affected by the elements of the room, including the air we breathe. Here are some ways to maintain the air quality in your room.

  1. Air filtration

    Most current AC units have unique built-in filtration systems. It is meant to get rid of air particles such as dust, mites, and pollens by trapping the particles before the air is sent to your room.

    Mitsubishi Electric has introduced the Platinum Nano Filter that provides higher performance of premium units at a molecular level. This system not only cleanses the air of dust particles, but it also works as a deodorizing filter that rids the environment of unpleasant odors. A platinum catalyst within the unit absorbs foul smells and a nanometer-scale mesh catches and absorbs even the tiniest dust and dirt particles in the air.

  2. Air purification

    The term air filtration and air purification are sometimes used interchangeably. However, these two terms have different meanings. If filtration can help you get rid of unwanted air particles, air purification can sanitize the air by neutralizing, killing, or transforming toxins such as gases, bacteria, and toxic pathogens until it becomes harmless. Make sure your room have an air purification system to prevent harmful viruses.

  3. Prevent mold growth

    If you can find mold growing in your room, it means the air is too humid. It is a common thing in tropical countries with a high level of humidity like Indonesia, but it does not mean you should get rid of all the moisture since the low level of humidity can dry your skin and makes you hard to breathe.

    Nowadays, most AC units come with a built-in ventilation system to maintain the air quality of a room. Mitsubishi Electric’s AC ventilation system also drains all excess moisture from your room to prevent mildew growth. However, you need to perform regular checks every once in two weeks to ensure that there is no mold growing around the vents.

Let us help you to improve the air quality in your house
For more advice on how to make sure the air quality in your home is good, visit our nearest branch! We will show you how we strive for optimum cooling performance for your air quality.

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