10 September 2019

4 Tips to Save Cost and Energy When Using Air Conditioner

Countering the heat with AC while keeping your electricity bill low is not an impossible thing to do. Find out how you can save the cost when using AC!

With our tropical climate here in Indonesia, an air conditioner is a must-have. We tend to use it every time we are inside until we saw the high number on our electricity bill. Here are some tips to help you save the cost from using the AC.

  1. Pre-cool when possible

    Did you know that ramping up your air conditioner every time the temperature suddenly rises racks up your bill? Pre-cool your house gradually by leaving your windows open to release the heat and stuffy air before turning the AC on.

  2. Adjust temperature gradually

    Every degree of cooling makes your air conditioning unit work harder, increasing its energy consumption. To beat the heat, you do not need to set it all the way freezing. Just put it a few degrees cooler and wait for the temperature to adjust.

    A useful rule of thumb is to minimize the differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures. Save up to 3% on cooling costs for every degree you set above 26 degrees Celsius. You can take advantage of our Mitsubishi unit with a built-in timer which allows you to set both the temperature and the hours of operation for maximum energy efficiency.

  3. Block out the sun

    Keep you room slightly cool by using curtains or blinds to block out the sun. The overall temperature inside could be reduced by up to 4 degrees. The curtain and blinds can also stop cold air from leaking out so setting up lower temperature on your AC is not necessary.

  4. Maintain cooling system

    Dirty filter, evaporator, and condenser not only make your AC cannot cool you room properly, but it also causes energy inefficiency. Regularly cleaning your air conditioner’s filter and blower could help your AC use less power and reduce energy costs.

    Make sure your AC filter is not clogged with dust or particles by cleaning or replacing it every few months to maintain optimum efficiency. To help you in cleaning your unit, Mitsubishi Electric AC is built with unique easy-to-clean feature. It enables easy access to clean the cross-flow fan. Check your user manual for simple maintenance checks if you intend to clean it by yourself.

Let us help you in maintaining the energy efficiency
You should only leave your air conditioner on when you are at home. If your Mitsubishi Electric AC is having problem with power efficiency, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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