4_Way Cassette
4 Way Cassette Series (Inverter)

Mr SLIM has a cooling capacity greater than the RAC Wall Mounted model. This is to anticipate and reduce some of the shortcomings in the RAC Wall Mounted model. Indoor 4-way Ceiling Cassette PLY-SP-EA series model which is equipped with I-see Sensor 3D radiation temperature sensor which offers safety and comfort.

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The DC Motor comes with high-efficiency which functions to move the fan of the outdoor unit. 60% more effective than any AC motors in general.


The leading technology from Mitsubishi Electric, this unique joint wrap is very easy to use. With copper wires that are less than common wrap joints and have a more focused coil and strong density, making motor performance more effective.


"I-See Sensor" in the corner panel eliminates uneven distribution of materials and reduces electricity consumption. Then, prevent excessive cooling with the first "sensible temperature" setting system in the sector. By measuring the air outlet temperature and floor temperature, the temperature felt by the human body (sensible temperature) can be calculated. So that sensible temperature can always be maintained by preventing excessive cooling.

"I-See Sensor" automatically controls excessive cooling by detecting optimal temperatures.


This high power ceiling cassette offers a wide air outlet so that it provides effective air conditioning for a room with a ceiling height of up to 4.5 meters. The demand for rooms with high ceilings such as halls, showrooms, and malls can now be met with the presence of high-power, yet efficient air duct.


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